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Is it Aladdin? - Fakes

Is it Aladdin?


It looks like an Aladdin. It even says "Aladdin". But it just doesn't look right. Here's photos and descriptions of lamps that aren't 100% Aladdin.

One impressive lamp but definitely not all original and not sold by Aladdin. The ivory Alacite font with Model B burner is mounted in an attractive brass base with matching shade. Found by Mr. & Mrs Kosterman.
Now here is a combination of Aladdins but certainly not original and not sold in this fashion. The oil font was mounted on a foot of a table lamp, perhaps to create a home-made “table lamp.” Found by Harold Fischer.
Here’s another example of an Aladdin oil pot inserted into a nice pottery lamp base. The 14-inch paper shade is an Aladdin Whip-o-lite shade and appears to be in nice condition.
An Aladdin Victorian hanging lamp? No, it is a Model 11 (1920s) oil font substituted in an older frame. Aladdin oil fonts are found as replacements in hanging lamps made and sold by other companies. Found by Mrs Ronald Flavin in Wisconsin.
An Aladdin "sugar-bowl" lamp? No. This lamp base is a B & H or Rochester type with its original oil pot replaced with an Aladdin Model 12. Found by Mark Tennison in California.
Richard Maretzo found this "Quilt" lamp with Model B burner and No. 11 gallery. A make-do “restoration” and definitely not an original combination of font, base, and gallery!
Here are two Bell Stem Washington Drapes. The amber one (left) has a satin finish while the green lamp appears normal. Found by Barbara Worden who asks did Aladdin sell this lamp with the unusual finish? The answer is no, we have no records or information that Aladdin etched, sand blasted or treated the glass kerosene lamps to give a frosted or satin finish. In the 1960s it was not unusual to find clear lamps treated in an acid mixture to create a satin surface. The entire base was submerged and consequently the underside of the lamp was treated also. Some of these lamps did not “take” uniformly and were blotchy in appearance. Dealers treated clear Beehives and Washington Drapes to help sell them.
This satin shade was found on this B-75 lamp. The shade is an attractive design, but is it Aladdin? No, as far as we know only 14-ich paper shades were sold with the glass Aladdin Tall Lincoln Drape lamps. This appears to be a nice shade but definitely not Aladdin. Perhaps a shade for a pressure gas lamp? Found by L.R. Dunigan.
This lamp was sold on eBay as an Aladdin and it does have an Aladdin oil pot. The copper base is unusual and quite nice (if you like these types) but definitely not sold originally by Aladdin.
A very attractive amber glass finial found by Don Johnson. We cannot verify that it is an Aladdin. The base is not typical of those used by Aladdin and we have no records illustrating this finial.