Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

Antique Lamp Show & Sale

America's largest Antique Lamp Show & Sale is held each year as the highlight of the Aladdin Gathering, Our dealers offer a wide variety of antique lighting, parts and memorabilia—just look at recent photographs!

World-known quality antique dealers, specializing in lamps and lighting come from the United States, Canada, England and Australia. That is why we say—International Lamp Show & Sale! The Show & Sale is open to registered members at the Gathering on Friday and open to the public on Saturday.

Spectacular, rare and beautiful describe our unique and unusual Show & Sale. Upon entering the doors to see the fantastic display of lights and color, collectors marvel at the beauty and workmanship of lamps that were essential to illuminate our homes long ago. Most of us can only imagine homes lit by the warm glow of kerosene, whale oil or camphene. Lamp collectors, however, are dedicated to light their lamps and to preserve these nostalgic memories of the past.

The Show & Sale is strong with lamps made from the 1880s to the 1930s—Victorian lamps, pattern glass lamps, center-draft lamps, art glass lamps, opalescent lamps, miniature lamps, mechanical lamps, student lamps, finger lamps, hanging fixtures and chandeliers, floor lamps, as well as the collectible early electric lamps. Yes, even Aladdin lamps! You will find antique lamps of all kinds for sale; however, some are rare and not found very often. These include early primitive lighting, patent models, time lamps, and the high-end Tiffany or Handell lamps. Imagine your delight and good fortune when a dealer or collector brings rare examples to sell in our Show & Sale!

Lighting clubs present educational booths in the show to demonstrate their lamps and to answer your questions. Clubs that are usually present include The Rushlight Club, Night Lights (miniature lamps), Historical Lighting Society of Canada, The International Coleman Collectors Club, The Fairy Lamp Club and The Historical Lighting Club of England. The Guild of Lamp Researchers and authors of books on antique lighting are also invited to attend.

Well over 600 collectors have attended each of the past ten years. They come from 30 states and Canada. It is not unusual that some drive from California, New York or Toronto. They not only bring lamps to sell but they also buy lamps to take home.